Stakeholder Management

We design and manage plans to handle the relationship with our clients’ stakeholders. Our strategic consulting services and deliverables are updated periodically to assimilate clients’ changing needs and operating environment.

We implement methodologies that assist in the analysis of stakeholders, classifying them according to their importance, influence, interests and behavior, among other variables. With this information, we prepare the strategies and action plans to be implemented with the different stakeholders.

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Corporate Communication

Our approach seeks to strengthen the corporate reputation of our clients, aligning their communication with their mission, while supporting engagement with different target audiences to build long-term ties based on trust and mutual development.

We design and execute a 360-degree communication strategy driven by internal collaboration and comprehensive action plans with a multistakeholder approach.

We specialize in financial (M&As, IPOs and other transactions) and legal (civil, criminal, environmental and competition lawsuits) communication.

We monitor and analyze media reports to track industry trends and compare the impact of different spokespeople, while jointly developing KPIs with our clients based on their objectives.

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Crisis Communication

At Azerta we anticipate the different risk scenarios that can lead to crises that threaten or damage corporate reputations.

In the event of a crisis, we activate a comprehensive action plan to defuse the situation and achieve damage control.

In the post-crisis stage, we define a strategy and take steps to rebuild the organization’s trust and credibility with its stakeholders.

To prevent and prepare companies for potential crises, we develop risk maps, crisis manuals with the main corporate or institutional threats — and their respective action plans — a list of key actors, and how key stakeholders may react to critical issues faced by the organization.

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Public Affairs and Lobbying

Our expertise with legislative, regulatory and administrative processes, along with our methodological tools, allows us to diagnose, evaluate and implement strategies to meet the challenges our clients face when it comes to public policies.

We design regulatory affairs monitoring models and provide analytical reports according to the strategy defined for each need.

We contribute to the decision-making process by modeling different scenarios that can become either crises or opportunities for the organization.

We develop effective relationship strategies with different stakeholders and key actors, and interpret the national and international state of play by analyzing public sources of information and monitoring key audiences and media coverage.

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Legislative and Regulatory Monitoring

With a multidisciplinary team of professionals, we offer permanent monitoring of bills, norms and regulations, and relevant public policies.

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Internal Communication

We analyze the organization’s culture to find the gaps that stand in the way of meeting strategic objectives, and design plans to align and mobilize internal resources around corporate challenges.

Likewise, we develop communication strategies to strengthen the bonds between our clients and key players in their value chain, such as customers, suppliers and partners, among others.

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Media Management and Monitoring

At Azerta we have a strong and free-flowing relationship with media outlets, which allows us to advance our clients’ communication agenda.

This service includes producing the content to convey the relevant messaging, information and data to both mass and target or niche audiences through traditional and online media.

Through quantitative and qualitative indicators, we measure the message’s effectiveness to inform future decision-making.

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The ability to communicate effectively is one of the essential traits of leaders in any organization. At Azerta we train our clients’ communication staff and spokespeople, providing them with theoretical and practical tools to engage with different audiences.

We design and provide media and community relations workshops, which include one-on-one coaching. Along with honing their communication skills, we also help clients find their corporate voice in the public sphere.

We carry out crisis communication workshops, which include analysis of sensitive situations, courses of action, corporate narrative development and a spokesperson plan.

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Digital Communication

In an increasingly segmented and hyperconnected world, digital channels are a critical means of managing the reputational capital of companies and organizations, while also helping reach and connect with stakeholders such as consumers and users, as well as opinion leaders and influencers.

At Azerta we have a team tasked with designing strategies and relevant content for the digital world. This is done in conjunction with our Corporate Communication and Public Affairs departments to ensure our clients meet their positioning, commercial and sustainability goals across all platforms.

Likewise, we design cost-effective digital communication campaigns that enhance the narrative of our clients and help them achieve conversion and engagement with targeted and mass audiences.

Through data analysis, we monitor and micro-segment audiences and manage key content to effectively reach an increasingly fragmented public.

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Observing, listening and analyzing are essential steps before taking action. At Azerta we develop analysis and perception studies to inform effective positioning strategies.

We analyze the corporate narrative based on the organization’s objectives and established brand attributes, and develop corporate and institutional benchmarks based on a review of stakeholders and available public information.

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Sustainability and Socio-Environmental Support

Nowadays investment projects must be carried out in a sustainable manner and include local communities as key stakeholders. That’s why Azerta has Entorno Social, a subsidiary specializing in community relations and sustainability programs to support a project’s environmental approval, construction and operational stages.

With a multidisciplinary team, Entorno Social provides tailored comprehensive advice to help the client navigate the economic, social and environmental factors that are part of any sustainable project, without losing sight of the business objectives.

To date, Entorno Social has collaborated on over 150 projects in Chile’s energy, mining, port, health, aquaculture, real estate, agribusiness and forestry sectors, ensuring environmentally responsible development.

Entorno Social’s consulting services include a focus on indigenous community consultations within the framework of Convention 169 of the International Labor Organization (ILO), as well as on citizen participation. The unit has on-the-ground experts that can analyze risks and monitor the agreements and commitments assumed in each project.

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Financial Communication

Azerta has a proven track record in financial communication, specializing in M&As, joint ventures and IPOs, among other deals. We are our clients’ go-to partners when it comes to providing transparent information to the market and protect reputational value.


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