We believe that strategic can i buy an essay now communications is a fundamental building block to create a corporate reputation that contributes to organizations’ sustainability and strengthening.


Our history and experience in the strategic communications world allows us to understand our clients’ challenges, objectives and businesses, helping them to comprehend the political, social and economic context in order to reinforce their reputation assets.


We support the begun began begin creation of a consistent narrative that allows us to design and implement strategies that contribute to generating bonds with relevant audiences. We proactively anticipate potential conflict scenarios, and during crisis situations, we timely act to contain and mitigate impact.



We are experienced professionals in strategic communications known for our history and experience in areas such as public affairs, lobby and community relations, as well as corporate, internal, financial, digital and crisis communications.


With a strong service-orientated consultancy for each of our clients, today AZERTA is one of the most relevant strategic communications and corporate reputation management consultant agencies in Chile.


Cristina Bitar

Bachelor in Economics, University of Dartmouth, MBA from Universidad de Chile and Tulane University.
Director of AFP Provida, columnist for La Segunda newspaper, public policy advisor for Libertad y Desarrollo Institute, advisor for Comunidad Mujer and, since 2008, takes part of the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. She worked as Executive Director at Hill & Knowlton Captiva. In 2005, she was campaign manager for Joaquin Lavin’s presidential campaign. From 2007-2009 she started the political movement Independientes en Red. She also performed as Director of APEC department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ General Directorate of Economic Relations between 1994 and 1996 and was also a consultant for the Minister of Finance from 1992-1994. She has also been Director of Comunidad Mujer, Techo Para Chile and Econssa Chile. She was appointed by Ex-President Ricardo Lagos to work in Comité Asesor Bicentenario. View more
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Felipe Edwards

Journalist, Gabriela Mistral University. Expert in corporate, financial and crisis management communications, he is one of the founding partners of AZERTA. He has worked as consultant for important Chilean and international companies. He acted as a journalist and subeditor for the business section of El Mercurio newspaper. He worked as Communications Manager for IBM, General Manager of Vivefutbol and, for six years was General Manager of Hill & Knowlton Captiva.
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Corporate Reputation is the set of perceptions, appreciations and assessments that internal and external stakeholders, have of a brand, company or institution based on its behavior over time.


All management areas in an organization have an influence on the process of building corporate reputation, even more so considering that society is permanently demanding consistency between what they say and what they do.


Our experience interpreting the environment, listening to audiences and creating trustworthy bonds in several sectors has allowed us to create the Corporate Reputation Model that we apply to all our clients, to identify discrepancies and opportunities that directly affect their positioning and image. At AZERTA we focus on optimizing our clients’ assets in order to capitalize their corporate reputation.


Observing and tending to communities’ needs and organizations’ responsibility with their environment, in 2015 Entorno Social was formed. This company was created by AZERTA along with the leading company in environmental management, SGA, in order to assess different entrepreneurial initiatives with the social environment in which they are involved with to facilitate investment projects to prosper and be carried out successfully.




Corporate Communications

We help our clients communicate effectively with their relevant audiences, generating and strengthening their long term relationships that allow fulfilling their planned objectives.

  • Diagnosis and evaluation of corporate identity
  • Definition of desired positioning and crafting of corporate communicational strategy.
  • Creation of narrative and key messages.
  • Design and execution of relations with mass media and other relevant actors.

Crisis Communications

We anticipate conflict scenarios that may threaten and damage the organization’s corporate reputation. When a crisis occurs, we guide and accompany our clients’ relationships with mass media, authorities, collaborators and other relevant audiences.

  • Risk map.
  • Spokesman appointment and training.
  • Strategic support of the Crisis Committee.
  • Elaborate messages and speeches.
  • Constant monitoring of mass media and social networks.

Financial Communications

We elaborate and execute communicational strategies to support our clients’ diverse financial processes. We know the actors and specially create messages for different audiences in the sector.

  • Communication of stock market listing, fusions and acquisitions.
  • Communication of financial results and Essential Facts.
  • Investor and stockholder relations.
  • Contact and follow up with specialized press.

Internal Communication

We evaluate and define strategies to build a corporate culture based on trust, motivation and loyalty of internal audiences, that allows sustainable growth of the company or institution.

  • Diagnosis of organizational environment.
  • Guidelines and reinforcement of corporate culture.
  • Implementation of measuring systems.
  • Development and optimization of internal communications.
  • Internal marketing campaigns.


We develop corporate reputation studies, image perception, and segmented surveys that provide updated information in order to create the most efficient strategies regarding our clients’ relations with their audience.

  • Image perception studies.
  • Corporate reputation studies.
  • Perception measurement among interest audiences.
  • Online surveys for stakeholders.

Public Affairs and Lobby

We detect our clients’ interests, and accompany and orient them in their relationships with authorities and opinion leaders.

    • Legislative and regulatory agenda monitoring and analysis.
    • Contingency and/or stakeholder maps.
    • Relationship building plans with key authorities.
    • Perception studies among opinion leaders and stakeholders of interest.

Digital Communication

We identify our clients’ interests, anticipate conflict situations and gather key information. We assess in elaborating digital strategies and online campaigns, both in marketing as well as in corporate content.

  • Design digital strategies.
  • Content monitoring and analysis.
  • Real time alerts.
  • Quantitative and qualitative studies.


With our affiliated Company,Entorno Social, we develop comprehensive and sustainable strategies to allow our clients’ investment projects reach visibility among the communities with which they interact.

  • Mapping of actors and potential risks.
  • Relationship plans.
  • Creation of strategies in citizen participation processes.
  • Accompaniment in social and environmental crisis management.
  • Shared value programs development .
  • Technical assessment in project installation


We support our clients in the development of new communication skills and broaden their abilities to speak with different audiences.

  • Media training for spokesmen / Media training for crisis situations.
  • Personalized coaching for spokesmen and speakers.
  • Storytelling workshop.
  • Public speech workshop.
  • Workshops sobre reformas legislativas.
  • Legislative reforms workshop.
  • Lectures on scenario and environment analysis.

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