Public Affairs

The development of our own methodological tools, together with the experience and knowledge of our team of professionals with the necessary expertise in legislative, regulatory and administrative processes, both in their formal and political dynamics, allows us to have the capacity to diagnose, anticipate and actively support our clients in the implementation of strategies that face challenges related to public policies.

We contribute in the decision making of companies, modeling scenarios that can become critical or that could turn into opportunities for the organization.

We develop effective relationship strategies with the organization’s different stakeholders.

We study the national and international situation through the analysis of public sources of information, the monitoring of key stakeholders and media coverage of issues of interest, in order to facilitate the understanding and development of such situations.

We design models to monitor regulatory matters, adapting and updating our analyses and reports according to the strategy defined for each requirement.

We prepare theme-specific risks, legislative and stakeholders maps to strengthen the monitoring process of legislative initiatives that are of interest to our clients.