This is Azerta's podcast that takes a hard look at the legislative week in Chile. Hosted by Ian Mackinnon and Javier Sajuria, it is available on Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcast. Find out details of the debates, votes, and most interesting developments happening in the National Congress.

4 April 2021

Why does it matter? Because it is the first podcast focused on explaining the processes and decisions that are covered weekly in both Chambers of the National Congress.

Who are the hosts? This podcast is a project created and led from Santiago by our partner Ian Mackinnon, Political Scientist at the Catholic University of Chile and Master of Science in International Public Policy from University College London; and, from London, by our collaborator Javier Sajuria, Lawyer from the Catholic University of Chile, PhD in Political Science and Professor at Queen Mary University in London.

Where can I listen? Podcasts are audio files that a user can download from different digital platforms and listen to on a computer or cell phone. Currently, Bicameral is available on Spotify, iTunes, and Google podcast. A new episode is released every Sunday, but the podcasts can be played whenever a listener wants and has the time to do so.

What is it about? Our hosts analyze and delve into the key details of different bills being considered by parliamentarians in the National Congress. They also highlight the “star bill of the week,” which is chosen because of its relevance or the impact its subsequent implementation will have.   

Why a podcast? These audio files can be listened to anytime, anywhere, and can be targeted towards a specific niche audience. Traditional media outlets, such as The New York Times, the BBC, The Washington Post, played a key role in promoting this format, which came into being 21 years ago.

The podcast and the pandemic: Podcasts were one of the industries that benefited most during the pandemic. The annual growth rate over the next five years will be between 25 and 30%, according to a report by Deloitte.